Support the Policy Tensor

On a friend’s suggestion, I’ve created an account at Patreon, a website that allows you to raise funding. If you appreciate the critical, empirically-ground, independent research that I have done and shall continue to do, please support the work by contributing what you can. This is what I wrote on the about page.

The Policy Tensor has been my labor of love for a decade. I have written about elite-mass relations in the United States — some of which has  been featured on the New York Times — class-party sorting, Boasian antiracism, financial markets — some of which has been featured at the Financial Times — geopolitics and history (including my work with Adam Tooze).  I have been unlawfully fired from my position as a doctoral candidate at Columbia University on spurious grounds, likely due to political  opposition within the History Department to my intellectual dissent. I have filed a complaint at the Supreme Court of New York. Noam Chomsky has invited me to work with him at the University of Arizona — I am really looking forward to working with him. But for now, while the coronavirus reigns, I am grounded in India. It is not clear how long my exile will last. Meanwhile, I want to continue my work and contribute to the American conversation on the issues of the day. I am also working a book-length essay on the impasse of elite-mass relations in the United States. For this work I greatly appreciate your support.

I don’t intend to erect a paywall around the Policy Tensor. But it seems that integrating my wordpress and Patreon accounts does that automatically. That would be very unfortunate. I am not looking to monetize the Policy Tensor. It will always remain what it is, a labor of love. I would, however, greatly appreciate whatever you can contribute as a token of your support and to keep the show on the road. (I suggest $20 or more a month if you’re affluent, $5 if you’re not so affluent but have some cash to spare, and $1/month if you’re strapped for cash.) Thanks in advance!



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