The Policy Tensor’s Loans from Columbia Library

Apologies for the errors of the machine output. The following are my outstanding loans from Columbia — books I have borrowed to consult and read.

Wisdom of the bones : in search of human origins / Alan Walker and Pat Shipman. GN284 .W35 1996
Ancestral images : the iconography of human origins / Stephanie Moser ; foreward by Clive Gamble. GN746 .M67 1998
Palaeolithic societies of Europe / Clive Gamble. GN772.2.A1 G38 1999
Constructed peace : the making of the European settlement, 1945-1963 / Marc Trachtenberg. D1058 .T718 1999
Pacification : the American struggle for Vietnamʼs hearts and minds / Richard A. Hunt. DS558 .H86 1995
Major problems in the history of the Vietnam War : documents and essays
/ edited by Robert J. McMahon. DS557.7 .M355 1995
Columbia history of the Vietnam War / edited, with an introduction, by David L. Anderson. DS557.7 .C64 2011
JFK and Vietnam : deception, intrigue, and the struggle for power / John
M. Newman. DS558 .N49 1992
American tragedy : Kennedy, Johnson, and the origins of the Vietnam War
/ David Kaiser. DS558 .K35 2000
Choosing war : the lost chance for peace and the escalation of war in Vietnam / Fredrik Logevall. DS558 .L6 1999
Vietnam : explaining America’s lost war / Gary R. Hess. DS558 .H47 2009
Wrong war : why we lost in Vietnam / Jeffrey Record. DS558 .R43 1998
Collapse of the Weimar Republic : political economy and crisis / David Abraham. HD3616.G35 A27 1986
Counsel to the President : a memoir / Clark Clifford with Richard Holbrooke. E840.8.C55 A3 1991
Time of illusion / Jonathan Schell. E855 .S36 1976b
Year the dream died : revisiting 1968 in America / Jules Witcover. E846
.W55 1997
Kennedy obsession : the American myth of JFK / John Hellmann. E842.1
.H44 1997
High noon in the Cold War : Kennedy, Khrushchev, and the Cuban missile crisis / Max Frankel. E841 .F68 2004
John F. Kennedy and the New Frontier / Edited and with an introduction by Aïda Dipace Donald. E841 .D6 1966
Cuban missile crisis : the struggle over policy / Roger Hilsman. E841 .H55 1996
Fossil trail : how we know what we think we know about human evolution / Ian Tattersall. GN281 .T357 1995
Tools, language, and cognition in human evolution / edited by Kathleen R. Gibson and Tim Ingold. GN281.4 .T66 1993
ccMooudnetrnization as ideology : American social science and “nhatttiopn://bucillidoi.ncgu”l. in the Kennedy era / Michael E. Latham. E841 .L34 2000
Kennedy’s quest for victory : American foreign policy, 1961-1963 / edited by Thomas G. Paterson. E841 .K466 1989
Sinews of power : war, money, and the English state, 1688-1783 / John Brewer. DA480 .B74 1989
Gender at the crossroads of knowledge : feminist anthropology in the postmodern era / edited and with an introduction by Micaela di Leonardo. GN33 .G46 1991
Constructing frames of reference : an analytical method for archaeological theory building using hunter-gatherer and environmental data sets / Lewis
R. Binford. GN388 .B56 2001
Washington papers. D843 .W3
Grand strategy of the Soviet Union / Edward N. Luttwak ; with appendices by Herbert Block and W. Seth Carus. UA770 .L85 1983
Israeli Army / Edward N. Luttwak and Daniel Horowitz. UA853.I8 L87 1983
Strategy and politics / Edward N. Luttwak. U162 .L87
Strategy and history / Edward N. Luttwak. U42 .L88 1985
Virtual American empire : war, faith, and power / Edward N. Luttwak. U21.2 .L9 2009
Technology and war : from 2000 B.C. to the present / Martin van Creveld. U27 .V27 1991
Grand strategy of the Roman Empire from the first century A.D. to the third
/ Edward N. Luttwak. U35 .L8 1979g
Military policy and national security / edited by William W. Kaufmann [and others]. UA23 .K38
McNamara strategy. UA23 .K16
Assessing the base force : how much is too much? / William W. Kaufmann. UA23 .K342 1992g
Glasnost, perestroika, and U.S. defense spending / William W. Kaufmann. UA23 .K29811 1990g
Nuclear dilemma in American strategic thought / Robert E. Osgood. UA23
.O82 1988
ccCoouunntterinsurgency era : U.S. doctrine and performance, 19h5t0tpto://thcelio.cul. present / Douglas S. Blaufarb. U241 .B53
Genocidal mentality : Nazi holocaust and nuclear threat / Robert Jay Lifton and Eric Markusen. U263 .L53 1990
Culture in practice : selected essays / Marshall Sahlins. HM101 .S168 2000
Strategy for chaos : revolutions in military affairs and the evidence of history / Colin S. Gray ; with a foreword by Williamson Murray. U162
.G724 2002
Soviet military operational art : in pursuit of deep battle / David M. Glantz. U43.S65 G57 1991
Strategy and history : essays on theory and practice / Colin S. Gray. U162
.G696 2006g
History and strategy / Marc Trachtenberg. U163 .T73 1991
Birth weight and economic growth : women’s living standards in the industrializing West / W. Peter Ward. HQ1381 .W37 1993
Pentagon Papers ; the Defense Department history of United States decisionmaking on Vietnam. E183.8.V5 P42
Pentagon Papers ; the Defense Department history of United States decisionmaking on Vietnam. E183.8.V5 P42
Pentagon Papers ; the Defense Department history of United States decisionmaking on Vietnam. E183.8.V5 P42
Financing the Raj : the City of London and colonial India, 1858-1940 / David Sunderland. HC258.L6 S86 2013g
Revolution in time : clocks and the making of the modern world / David S. Landes. TS542 .L24 1983
Pre-industrial societies / Patricia Crone. HC21 .C76 1989
Invention of improvement : information and material progress in seventeenth-century England / Paul Slack. HC254.5 .S58 2015
English society in the eleventh century ; essays in English mediaeval history / Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1908. HC254 .V48 1968
Neandertals and modern humans in Western Asia / edited by Takeru Akazawa, Kenichi Aoki, and Ofer Bar-Yosef. GN285 .N45 1998
In search of the Neanderthals : solving the puzzle of human origins / Christopher Stringer, Clive Gamble. GN285 .S77 1993
ccMoaunntthe hunter / Edited by Richard B. Lee and Irven DeVorhet, twpi:t/h/tchlieo.cul. assistance of Jill Nash. GN422 .S9 1966
Neanderthal legacy : an archaeological perspective from western Europe / Paul Mellars. GN285 .M45 1995
Pentagon Papers ; the Defense Department history of United States decisionmaking on Vietnam. E183.8.V5 P42
Biological standard of living in Europe and America, 1700-1900 : studies in anthropometric history / John Komlos. GN51 .K65 1996
Stature, living standards, and economic development : essays in anthropometric history / edited by John Komlos. GN51 .S63 1994
Back fire : the CIA’s secret war in Laos and its links to the War in Vietnam
/ Roger Warner. DS559.73.L28 W37 1995
Great place to have a war : America in Laos and the birth of a military CIA
/ Joshua Kurlantzick. DS557.8.L3 K87 2017
Anatomy of a war : Vietnam, the United States, and the modern historical experience / Gabriel Kolko. DS557.7 .K635 1985
Politics of heroin in Southeast Asia / [by] Alfred W. McCoy, with Cathleen
B. Read and Leonard P. Adams II. HV5822.H4 M33
On the protracted war. DS777.53 M255 1954g
Counterrevolution and revolt. HM281 .M27
Revolutionary change / Chalmers Johnson. HM281 .J6 1982
Peasant nationalism and Communist power : the emergence of revolutionary China, 1937-1945 DS777.53 .J58
German slump : politics and economics, 1924-1936 / Harold James. HC286.3 .J33 1986
Growth of biological thought : diversity, evolution, and inheritance / Ernst Mayr. QH305 .M26 1982
Mechanisms of speciation : proceedings from the International Meeting on Mechanisms of Speciation / sponsored by the Accademia nazionale dei Lincei, May 4-8, 1981, Rome, Italy ; editor, Claudio Barigozzi. QH371 .I53 1981
Foreign intelligence : research and analysis in the Office of Strategic Services, 1942-1945 / Barry M. Katz. D810.S7 K33 1989
OSS: the secret history of America’s first central intelligence agency / [by]
R. Harris Smith. D810.S7 S555
Cartoon history of United States foreign policy, 1776-1976 / by the editors of the Foreign Policy Association ; with an introd. by Daniel P. Moynihan.
White House and white Africa : Presidential policy toward Rhodesia during the UDI Era, 1965-1979 / Eddie Michel. E183.8.Z55 M53 2019
Pentagon Papers ; the Defense Department history of United States decisionmaking on Vietnam. E183.8.V5 P42
Over lord : General Pete Quesada and the triumph of tactical air power in World War II / Thomas Alexander Hughes. D756.5.N6 H84 1995
Principles of human geography 302.7 H9223
Environment and race; a study of the evolution, migration, settlement and status of the races of man
Origin of races. GN350 .C6
Older Middle West, 1840-1880 ; its social, economic, and political life, and sectional tendencies before, during and after the Civil War. 974.3 H861
American colony : regionalism and the roots of midwestern culture / Edward Watts. F351 .W35 2002
Cincinnati, Queen City of the West : 1819-1838 / Daniel Aaron. F499.C557 A27 1992
Evolution and the genetics of populations ; a treatise. QH431 .W79
Evolution and the genetics of populations ; a treatise. QH431 .W79
Evolution and the genetics of populations ; a treatise. QH431 .W79
Evolution and the genetics of populations ; a treatise. QH431 .W79
United States, the East German uprising of 1953, and the limits of rollback
/ Christian F. Ostermann. DD286.2 .O78 1994g
German question : the Stalin note of 1952 and the problem of reunification
/ Rolf Steininger ; translated by Jane T. Hedges ; edited by Mark Cioc. DD257.25 .S776 1990
German question and the international order, 1943-48 / by Nicolas Lewkowicz. DD257.25 .L49 2010g
From the ashes of disgrace : a journal from Germany, 1945h-1tt9p5:5///cbliyo.cul. Hans Speier. DD259 .S63
Remembering the German Democratic Republic : divided memory in a united Germany / edited by David Clarke and Ute Wölfel. DD286.3 .R46 2011
Regions of Germany : a reference guide to history and culture / Dieter K. Buse. DD290.25 .B87 2005
Germany and the United States : the transformation of the German question since 1945 / by Frank Ninkovich. DD257.25 .N55 1995
Contemporary Germany and the Nazi legacy : remembrance, politics and the dialectic of normality / Caroline Pearce. DD290.29 .P42 2008g
Policy of the United States toward political unity in Germany, 1945-1953 / by Robert F. Smith. DD257.25 .S58 1955a
U.S. containment policy and the conflict in Indochina / William J. Duiker. DS550 .D8 1994
Dean Acheson and the obligations of power / Michael F. Hopkins. E748.A15 H66 2017
Deadly paradigms : the failure of U.S. counterinsurgency policy / D. Michael Shafer. E744 .S475 1988
Planning a tragedy : the Americanization of the war in Vietnam / Larry Berman. DS558 .B47 1982
Apocalypse then : American intellectuals and the Vietnam War, 1954-1975
/ Robert R. Tomes. DS558 .T66 1998
America’s longest war : the United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975 / George C. Herring. DS558 .H45 1996
Nixon’s Vietnam War / Jeffrey Kimball. DS558 .K557 1998
To reason why : the debate about the causes of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War / Jeffrey P. Kimball. DS558 .T6 1990b
Kill anything that moves : the real American war in Vietnam / Nick Turse. DS559.2 .T87 2013
No peace, no honor : Nixon, Kissinger, and betrayal in Vietnam / Larry Berman. DS558 .B467 2001
Absolute destruction : military culture and the practices of war in Imperial Germany / Isabel V. Hull. DD103 .H85 2005g
Black book of communism : crimes, terror, repression / Stéphane Courtois [and others] ; translated by Jonathan Murphy and Mark Kramer ; consulting editor, Mark Kramer. HX44 .L59 1999
Architects of annihilation : Auschwitz and the logic of destruction / Götz Aly and Susanne Heim ; translated from the German by A.G. Blunden. D804.3
Civilization and climate / by Ellsworth Huntington. 302.7 H9221
World-power and evolution / by Ellsworth Huntington      302.7 H9222
Geographical introduction to history / by Lucien Febvre … in collaboration with Lionel Bataillon. 302.7 F31
Environment, race, and migration ; fundamentals of human distribution / with special sections on racial classification; and settlement in Canada and Australia, by Griffith Taylor      302.7 T211
Curry : a tale of cooks and conquerors / Lizzie Collingham. GT2853.I5 C65 2006
Imperial state at war : Britain from 1689 to 1815 / edited by Lawrence Stone. DA67 .I47 1994
Attack can win in ’43 / by Max Werner. 940.921 W4953
Street without joy ; Indochina at war, 1946-54 / by Bernard B. Fall. 959.6 F193
Hell in a very small place : the siege of Dien Bien Phu / Bernard B. Fall. DS553.3.D5 F35 2002g
Vietnam, the necessary war : a reinterpretation of America’s most disastrous military conflict / Michael Lind. DS558 .L565 1999
Vietnam War debate : Hans J. Morgenthau and the attempt to halt the drift into disaster / Louis B. Zimmer. DS558 .Z54 2011
Limited war ; the challenge to American strategy. UA23 .O8
Modern warfare ; a French view of counterinsurgency / Translated from the French by Daniel Lee. With an introd. by Bernard B. Fall. 355.44 T7372
Thinking About the Unthinkable in the 1980s U263 .K33 1984
Life After Nuclear War: The Economic and Social Impacts of Nuclear Attacks on the United States UF767 .K34
War report of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) / prepared by History Project, Strategic Services Unit, Office of the Assistant Secretary of War, War Department ; with a new introd. by Kermit Roosevelt. D810.S7 U56
Rise of American air power : the creation of Armageddon / Michael S. Sherry. UG633 .S457 1987
Limited war revisited / Robert E. Osgood. UA11.5 .O83
Strategy : the logic of war and peace / Edward N. Luttwak. U162 .L874 1987
Makers of modern strategy ; military thought from Machiavelli to Hitler / Edited by Edward Mead Earle with the collaboration of Gordon A. Craig and Felix Gilbert. U39 .E2 1943g
Evolution of nuclear strategy / Lawrence Freedman. UF767 .F773 1983
Strategy in the missile age / by Bernard Brodie. UA11 .B7 1965
Political uses of sea power / [by] Edward N. Luttwak. Suppressed V25
Weapons and hope / by Freeman Dyson. U264 .D97 1984
Surprise attack : lessons for defense planning / Richard K. Betts. U163
.B38 1982
Civil-military relations / Andrew J. Goodpaster, Samuel P. Huntington, in association with Gene A. Sherrill and Orville Menard ; with an introduction by Herbert Garfinkel. UA23 .G74
Arms and influence / by Thomas C. Schelling. UA11 .S26 1976
President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s grand and global alliance : world order for the new century / edited by Joseph A. Bagnall. E841 .K39 1992
Best and the brightest. E841 .H25
To move a nation ; the politics of foreign policy in the administration of John F. Kennedy. E840 .H5
Kennedy tapes : inside the White House during the Cuban missile crisis / edited by Ernest R. May and Philip D. Zelikow. E841 .K4655 1997
Economy, polity, and society : British intellectual history, 1750-1950 / edited by Stefan Collini, Richard Whatmore, Brian Young. DA533 .E37 2000
Ostkrieg : Hitler’s war of extermination in the East / Stephen G. Fritz. D764
.F737 2011
ccEocuonntomy and society in prehistoric Europe : changing persphettcpti:v/e/scl/io.cul. Andrew Sherratt. GN803 .S5 1997
Prestige and interest : international relations in the Near East ca. 1600-1100 B.C. / Mario Liverani. DS62.2 .L58 1990g
Ancient Mesopotamia : the Eden that never was / Susan Pollock. DS71
.P65 1999g
End of the Bronze Age : changes in warfare and the catastrophe ca. 1200
B.C. / Robert Drews. GN778.3 .A1 D74 1993
Upper Palaeolithic Revolution in global perspective : papers in honour of Sir Paul Mellars / edited by Katherine V. Boyle, Clive Gamble & Ofer Bar- Yosef. GN772 .U77 2010g
Cranial variation in man ; a study by multivariate analysis of patterns of difference among recent human populations / [by] W. W. Howells. E51
.H337 v.67
Edward Lansdale’s cold war / Jonathan Nashel. JK468.I6 N35 2005
Great offensive ; the strategy of coalition warfare / translated by Heinz and Ruth Norden. 940.921 W495
Power ties : economic interdependence, balancing, and war / Paul A. Papayoanou. HF1359 .P36 1999
Unbound Prometheus : technological change and industrial development in Western Europe from 1750 to the present / [by] David S. Landes.
HC240 .L26
Common sense about race. GN320 .M35
Race war. 323.1 Se374
Smuggling as subversion : colonialism, Indian merchants, and the politics of opium / Amar Farooqui. HV5816 .F37 1998
[No Restrictions] [ILL] The army and Vietnam /


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