Nuclear Diplomacy in the Kurdish Question

Wow. So the Sochi consensus has been long in the making. What holds it together is the gap between U.S. strategy and discourse. In the latter, Assad is a brutal murderer who “must go”. In the former, since there has been no alternative to Assad since the fall of 2012, Syria has been treated as a Russian problem to solve — amid talk of Russia’s revival as a great power.

When Trump defied the national interest and the US military in finally abandoning the Kurds under Turkish pressure, it set off a train of events no one had foreseen. The Kurds were left with little choice but to appeal to protection from Damascus. Assad, confident of Russian protection, sent his forces. Erdogan was left with no choice but to seek an understanding with Russia. For engagement with Assad’s forces immediately brought the Russian deterrent into play. That’s why Turkey suddenly declared it wanted nukes. Ditto all that baloney about the fifty U.S. tactical weapons at Incirlik air base. Do not miss what just happened: Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds triggered a nuclear crisis. Erdogan was grand-standing because he was shitting bricks. This is a case of nuclear coercion. Erdogan had no choice but to reach an understanding with Putin.

One thought on “Nuclear Diplomacy in the Kurdish Question

  1. Wow, so everyone who has been paying attention saw this coming. The ‘Assad is a brutal dictator who must go’ was only the narrative because our good friends who are most certainly not brutal dictators in Saudi Arabia and Israel thought they had a chance to box in Iran when the Arab Spring protests broke out. Which is why we were on Al Qaeda’s side in Syria.

    If you recall, Clinton’s policy was no fly zone and escalate until we topple Assad; the Libya model. You’d think that the American people might be curious as to why it was American policy to insist on turning Syria over to the group who attacked us on 9/11 but I guess that’s why we have Pravda on the Potomac, making sure we don’t ask questions when the answer is Israel.

    No Turkish President, especially not Erdogan, was ever going to let a kurdish army exist on its border. Erdogan was holding all the cards, not even remotely threatened . Him wanting nukes has nothing to do with Russia. If anything it’s because having nukes is literally the only thing a country can do to stop us from making up a reason to invade and regime change them. And the only reason there are still Nukes at Incirlik is HRC, Queen of all warmongers.

    Trump is a horrible President. Just like every other President we’ve had in my lifetime.

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